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NorthNotch Software onTime 1.0.0

onTime is a simple application that will help you to automatize some functions of operating system.
   - you can set automatic trigger that will execute or kill system process.
   - you can also set task that will save print screens of your desktop in set amout of time.
   - you can set power management tasks as shutting down, hibernating, restarting your computer, and more.
   - onTime will allow you to set task that will connect or disconnect your computer from dial-up network.
   - onTime will also allow you to create sticky notes, counters, timers with sound and message alerts.
   - you can also use embedded stopwatch with function that allows you to save and load results to/from a file.

onTime 1.0.0 is released under following licence that you can read here.
onTime needs Windows Vista and above. You can download trial version here.
Now onTime is given in promotion for free, serial key to register application: FQXY-XEMQ-9VFZ-NRSQ
onTime 1.0.0 - executable (↓4845)

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NorthNotch Software ShutMeDown 1.2.0 - Open Source Edition

ShutMeDown is a small 'shutdown timer' application that helps with timers and time limits using in a better way all system power management functions like: suspending, hibernating, shutting down and more.
ShutMeDown 1.2.0 is released under LGPL 3.0 and BSD 2 licences

Application was written in Visual Studio 2010 Express, C++, Windows API and GDI/GDI+

ShutMeDown 1.2.0 - executable (↓4422)
ShutMeDown 1.2.0 - source code and other materials (↓728)

Download ShutMeDown
auto shutdown  windows shutdown  auto shutdown timer  shutdown schedule  ShutMeDown, tray menu, shudown timer  auto shutdown widgets  windows shutdown timer schedule 
ShutMeDown 1.1.6 - executable (↓1119)
ShutMeDown 1.1.3 - executable (↓2798)
ShutMeDown 1.1.0 - executable (↓760)
ShutMeDown 1.0.0 - executable (↓717)

NorthNotch Software Widgets Library 0.7.2

Widgets library contains c++ classes of GUI widgets that can be used
in your C/C++ WinAPI applications, it contains all widgets used in
ShutMeDown application and there will be added more widgets in
the future.

Library is provided under LGPL 3.0 and BSD 2 licences

nns-widgets-library - changelog

nns-widgets-library-0.7.2 - demo (↓339)
nns-widgets-library-0.7.2 - source code (↓2553)
nns-widgets-library-0.7.2 - online documentation
nns-widgets-library-0.7.2 - documentation (↓363)
GUI library demo

nns-widgets-library-0.7 - demo (↓475)
nns-widgets-library-0.7 - source code (↓843)
nns-widgets-library-0.6 - demo (↓609)
nns-widgets-library-0.6 - source code (↓1732)